Big Portions, Reasonable Prices and Delicious Tasting Breakfast Eats at The Mission in North Park!

The Mission concept specializes in simple, healthy, tasty food with a whimsical edge and a focus on artful presentation at an affordable price. By focusing on the use of simple and fresh ingredients, this vibrant urban bistro promotes living in an increasingly health-conscious world. Entrees are creatively presented, resulting in artful culinary displays that are sure to please the palette. Guests dine in dynamic, inviting surroundings with large, bright and airy windows and eye-catching local artwork.

The menu, which includes everything from classic pancakes and sandwiches to modern Chino-Latino cuisine, is sure to satisfy every appetite. This concept in healthy dining, combined with pleasant surroundings is The Mission’s specialty, making them a huge favorite among local San Diegans and travelers from around the world. Excellence throughout their restaurants has gained them local and national recognition in the formof awards and press.


STRAWBERRY GRANOLA PANCAKES (Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)

PAPAS CON CHORIZO (Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)

TOMAS’ SOY CHORIZO QUESADILLA (Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)

The Mission/North Park 

2801 University Avenue

San Diego, CA 92104

(619) 220-8992

*Courtesy information

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