Gourmet Latin Cuisine Hits Little Italy

The newly opened Sirena restaurant offers a true Gourmet Latin Cuisine inspired menu, with many dishes having roots in the food culture of South America.

Gourmet Latin Cusine
Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana

Gourmet Latin Cuisine

Located on the corner of Columbia and Fir Streets in San Diego’s Little Italy, the new Sirena restaurant boasts a neutral color palette accented with wooden walls and dark tables, making it the perfect spot for a romantic date or upscale business dinner.

The philosophy behind the menu at Sirena is to showcase fresh ingredients with simple flavors. “We wanted to bring San Diego a unique and unmatched culinary experience with a one-of-a-kind menu,” says Executive Chef Jaime Chavez.

Gourmet Latin Cuisine
Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana

Sirena stands out from other restaurants in the area by a few trademarks. First, Sirena is the only true Latin American-inspired restaurant, with many dishes having roots in the food culture of South America, while taking on a new life with modern and inventive preparations. Secondly, the caliber of their fresh, seasonal and sustainable ingredients is unmatched. “We do everything we can to feature only locally or regionally-caught seafood and in-season produce,” Chavez says. “We even grow some of the produce ourselves. The menu is creative and complex, while still allowing simple ingredients to shine through.”

Sirena utilizes a unique combination of ingredients for a distinct flavor and appearance. For example, their purple cauliflower is delicately pickled and prepared with oysters and a a fresh coconut-ginger sauce is paired with braised scallops. Additionally, even though Sirena is a seafood restaurant, they also cater to vegetarian and vegan diners. Chavez explains that several members of his kitchen team are not-meat eaters, so much time has been devoted to developing techniques to replicate some of their favorite dishes into vegan-approved options, including cauliflower that tastes like ceviche or mushrooms that imitate raw oysters. “Food can be very creative, which is our inspiration in the Sirena kitchen.”

Gourmet Latin Cuisine
Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana

A majority of the ingredients on the menu at Sirena are not only fresh, but sustainable. Born in Puerto Montt, one of the main cities in the south of Chile, Chavez liked to go to his grandfather’s house in a little fishermen’s city called Maullín, where they had a farm. At a very young age, he learned about fish and seafood. “I was able to open clams before reading,” he says. Chavez also says his first approach with cooking was during the holiday season. “It is common in my family to slow roast a half lamb with a chimichurri lacquer. So, while it was very annoying for adults to rotate the lamb for four hours, it was a very attractive job for a little kid.”

Gourmet Latin Cuisine
Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana

In the south of Chile, Chavez explains that there was a significant German influence, thus his family developed German pastry traditions. “I think cooking and baking is in my blood,” he says. “To be honest, while growing up, I never thought I wanted to cook for a living, but at some point what was in my blood was stronger than my own wishes.”

Chavez attended Inacap, in Santiago de Chile, the oldest culinary school in Chile. He started in 2004, studying in the daytime, and working in different places at night. From fast food to taco shops, Asian eateries to sushi restaurants, he’s worked all of them, gaining invaluable skills, techniques and experience.

Gourmet Latin Cuisine
Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana

In October 2006, Chavez moved for an internship to Peralada a little village in Alt Empurdá Barcelona in a little boutique hotel. He learned there the importance of respecting the ingredients. During his internship, he spent a couple of weeks at El Cingle, a Michelin star restaurant. It was there he received his training in contemporary Catalan cuisine with Montse Estruch; a revolutionary in the field.

Eventually, Chavez headed back to Chile to finish school. Looking for new experiences he moved to a restaurant called Emilio, the best Peruvian fine dining restaurant in Santiago. He started there as line cook and in less than three months, he was promoted to sous chef. He stayed there for a couple of months, until he received an offer to open a Peruvian restaurant in his home city. “It was a beautiful and hard experience, but it was there that I realized that I really loved this life,” he says.

Gourmet Latin Seafood
Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana

One day, Chavez was in his office and received a call offering him a pastry position at El Cingle, the Michelin star restaurant he had trained at. It was an opportunity he could not turn down, pastry or not. When he arrived at the restaurant, he was informed that there was actually no chef de cuisine at the restaurant, so he jumped from pastry to chef de cuisine in a couple of minutes!

Chavez explains that managing a Michelin star-awarded restaurant was very different than managing other any of the other restaurants he had worked for at that time. At El Cingle, there was no space for mistakes and the place was very demanding. We worked eighteen hours a day, almost every day. “There are so many details to take care of, that you can’t even imagine,” he says. “I had so much to read about, invested several hours in research, practiced my plating skills, and developed a creative process for making new dishes. That place made me who I am now.”

Eventually, Chavez left Spain to follow his my wife to Tijuana, Mexico. There he was an instructor at a cooking school, teaching students how to experience food and cooking. From Tijuana, Chavez and his wife came to San Diego, where they have worked in several hotels and restaurants in the city, finally bringing him me to Sirena as the new Executive Chef. “Now, I wish to provide a way for anyone to enjoy and experience those possibilities through my culinary creations,” he says.

Gourmet Latin Seafood
Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana

The menu at Sirena is inspired by Chavez’s background and by the food culture of South America. Many of the dishes are inspired by things his mother would make, but with a special spin. “I love simple, clean flavors with a complex preparation,” he says. “But, there are also other menu items that play up the quality of seafood we are able to get here in San Diego. Nekkei, our take on a “sushi-style” dish, spotlights how fresh and flavorful our seafood is, even when served raw.”

One of Chavez’s favorite dishes on the menu is the Peruvian Ceviche where the flavors are very fresh and clean with a hint of spice. The fresh oysters are also a favorite, offering a unique presentation, served with pickled vegetables and toasted squid-inked black bread. As a main dish, the braised scallops set atop a fresh coconut-ginger sauce, mirasol chili oil and a cauliflower puree is absolute perfection. “I love every dish we have on the menu,” says Chavez. “When I started, I was convinced about the flavors but I had to test the textures. I especially love the scallops because it’s a simple dish and the flavors are amazing. There are so many textures, that every bite is a difference experience.”

*Written by Maria Desiderata Montana

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Pillbox Tavern Opens In Solana Beach

Pillbox Tavern
Courtesy photo

Pillbox Tavern

Named for the famous beach break down below, Pillbox Tavern rises up to meet North County’s need for coastal Americana cuisine. The retro-mod beach bar and restaurant offers a rotating selection of local beers on tap and a menu full of savory wing selections, burgers and sandwiches, salads and sweet treats. Pillbox Tavern hopes to be latest refreshing place to unwind above the cliffside Solana Beach neighborhood of Fletcher Cove. Pillbox Tavern is located at 117 W. Plaza Street, Solana Beach, CA 92075.

Coconut Shrimp
Coconut Shrimp (Courtesy photo)

Pillbox Tavern will start lunch service on Monday 11/3 and a regular schedule, opening at 11 a.m. Monday -Friday. On Saturday 11/7, the restaurant kicks off brunch service and will then open at 9 a.m. on weekends. Starting in November, Pillbox Tavern will close at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Pillbox Tavern
Ceviche (Courtesy photo)

Pillbox Tavern is the product of partners Leigh Gibson, Mike Garcia, Adam Jacoby and strategic partner, Justin La Frantz. Gibson has more than 20 years of professional and operational experience in the nightclub, restaurant and bar industry, as well as in design, licensing, permitting and construction supervision. Gibson is key member of the opening team for The La Jolla Brewing Company and The Commons in downtown San Diego, ensuring proper execution of business operations. Garcia is currently an owner/operator at Saddle Bar in Solana Beach, where he is in charge of inventory, specialty drink development, staff training and marketing and cost controls. Saddle Bar was recently awarded “New Business of the Year” by the Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce. Garcia will contribute his large network of bar regulars, training experience and cost control knowledge to Pillbox Tavern Solana Beach. Jacoby is a long-standing restaurant industry professional and oversees all of the day-to-day operations as the Dirty Birds’ operations manager. La Frantz is the President/CEO of La Frantz Contracting and Design, Inc. A licensed contractor in San Diego since 2007, he has completed a substantial number of projects in the bar and restaurant industry.

Pillbox Tavern Current Hours:

Saturday & Sunday 10/18 – 10/19: open from noon- 10 p.m.

Monday – Friday 10/20-24 : open from 4 p.m.- 10 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday 10/25- 10/26: open noon-10pm

Monday – Friday 10/27-10/31: open from 4p.m.- 10 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday 11/1- 11/2: open noon-10p.m.


*Courtesy information

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Seasonal Japanese Cuisine in Del Mar

Japanese Cuisine
Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana

Seasonal Japanese Cuisine

“Shim” means “New”, and “bashi” means “Bridge” in Japanese. With the desire to provide San Diego with the best Japanese dining experience outside of Japan, Shimbashi Izakaya is based on the Izakaya, or Japanese “pub” – a unique and vital cornerstone of Japanese food culture. It’s often found in cosmopolitan areas for after work relaxation and an opportunity to unwind after a busy day.

Shimbashi offers a multi-faceted menu that can be used as a pairing with sake for the light eater or sophisticated dinner entrées served in Japanese tradition.

With its sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, Shimbashi Izakaya is an authentic seasonal Japanese tapas and sake bar in the heart of Del Mar. It’s renowned for using the freshest, highest quality seasonal seafood, local produce and freshest meats, including Japanese Wagyu beef from Kyushu, Southern Japan, for an unforgettable dining experience.

Three dining scenes; the indoor dining area is styled with a traditional Japanese Izakaya feel that is comfortably illuminated to provide an intimate and relaxing atmosphere for lunch or dinner. With rustic handmade tables amidst a warmly lit shoji-screen backdrop, Shimbashi’s dining area provides a cozy atmosphere to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine.

Japanese Cuisine
Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana

Modern, playful and center stage, Shimbashi’s Sake Bar strikes the heart of Izakaya culture, a much needed venue to relax after a long workday. It features a wide selection of micro brewed sake and Japanese beer. From its Tatami mat counter top to the wide selection of spirits the Sake Bar offers a chance to meet new friends or just chill out with an unforgettable view of the Pacific Ocean at sunset.

The essence of Japanese is captured in the Shimbashi Sushi Counter. Clean lines, functional and personable. You are one on one with your Sushi Chef as your selections are prepared.

Japanese Cuisine
Courtesy photo

The outdoor terrace has an old-world feel with its surrounding rock walls and breath-taking ocean views. Its luxurious surroundings are enhanced with the warmth of antique-bronzed space heaters, adjustable umbrellas and the elegant placement of foliage. Shimbashi Izakaya is named after a district in Tokyo where the first train rail was built in Japan in 1872. It’s also famous for Izakaya-style bars and restaurants for businessmen to relax and unwind are located. Shimbashi Izakaya brings the Japanese culinary culture and tradition to the U.S. with special events and classes, sake pairings and other opportunities to experience Japanese traditions. Reservations are available at 858-523-0479. Learn more at www.shimbashiizakaya.com.

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New Farmers Market in San Diego

Farmers MarketFarmers Market

Stop by the new weekly farmers market on College Avenue for local, organic and seasonal produce, handmade arts and crafts and an International Food Court.

The market is set to open on Wednesday, October 29th at 4747 College Avenue at the corner of 62nd and El Cajon. For more information, follow the College Area Business District on Facebook.

San Diego County
Certified Farmers Markets

Buy Local San Diego Produce by visiting one of the Certified Farmers’ Markets (CFM) in San Diego County allows you to experience agriculture. Farmers’ Markets provide venues for farmers to sell directly to consumers and supports small farming operations.

Click here for a listing of San Diego County Farmers Markets.

Farmers MarketBecome a San Diego Friend of Farming!

Friends of Farming support the efforts of San Diego County Farm Bureau to represent and protect local farmers. As thanks for your support, friends are invited to exclusive farm tours and events hosted by San Diego County Farm Bureau, and get to see first-hand what incredible value local agriculture brings to our region.

Visit www.friendsoffarming.com to find out how you can support San Diego’s family farmers!

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New Book: Modern Classic Cocktails

Considered one of the most widely respected bartenders in the industry, David Kaplan, owner & founder of NYC’s prestigious Death & Co. bar will be coming to San Diego on Sunday, November 2nd for an exclusive appearance at prominent cocktail destination, Polite Provisions to celebrate the launch of his new book, Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails.

Modern Classic Cocktails
Courtesy images

Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails | Exclusive Book Launch

After its inception in 2006 Death & Co. quickly became the de facto destination for cocktail connoisseurs—and one of the world’s most critically acclaimed and influential bars in the process. Winner of nearly every major cocktail industry award (Tales of the Cocktail: America’s Best Cocktail Bar and Best Cocktail Menu), the gothic saloon in NYC’s East Village boasts some of the best barkeeps in the biz and is recognized for creating many of the modern era’s most iconic drinks (Oaxaca Old-Fashioned, Naked and Famous, Apertivo Julep).

On Sunday November 2nd, Polite Provisions will be hosting founder and owner David Kaplan as he launches Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails (a literary collaboration with Death & Company co-owner Alex Day and Brooklyn-based editor Nick Fauchald) and mingles with the city’s fellow cocktail aficionados. The elegant book (quite possibly the sexiest cocktail book ever) is filled with evocative photography, colorful essays and encompasses the history of the Death & Co. experience as it transformed the NYC cocktail scene —charting everything from building the business to guest anecdotes. Featuring more than 500 of their most innovative and whimsically named tipples—Enemies of Promise, Confused & Dangerous, The Joy Division, and more — the book serves as a definitive guide to the contemporary craft cocktail movement, and would make a prized addition to the collection of any enthusiast. www.deathandcompany.com

WHEN: Sunday, November 2nd from 6pm – 9pm

COST: This exclusive event is priced at $55.00 per person and includes one copy of Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails (a $40 value), complimentary signature cocktails from Death & Co. and appetizers from Soda & Swine. The event is limited to 150 attendees.

Tickets can be purchased online at via eventbrite.com at:

WHAT: Death & Co. guest bartenders Brad Farran & Jillian Vose will be whipping up 8 complimentary Death & Co. cocktails, alongside hosted appetizers courtesy of Soda & Swine.


Little Engine (Alex Day, 2009)
Famous Grouse Scotch, Tawny Port,
Lemon Juice & Apple Butter

Scotch Lady (Phil Ward, 2008)
Famous Grouse Scotch, Apple Brandy,
Lemon Juice & Grenadine

Tea In The Sahara (Brian Miller, 2009)
Coconut Green Tea-infused Famous Grouse,
Strega & Acacia Honey Syrup

Kew Gardens Cooler (Joaqin Simo, 2009)
Beefeater London Dry Gin, Aperol,
Grapefruit Juice, Scarlet Glow Syrup

House Of Payne (Phil Ward, 2012)
Beefeater London Dry Gin, Plymouth Sloe Gin,
Campari & Raspberries

Bella Luna (Brian Miller, 2009)
Plymouth Gin, St. Germain, Giffard Crème de Violette,
Lemon Juice & Simple Syrup

Moon Cocktail (Thomas Waugh, 2008)
Plymouth Gin, Amontillado Sherry,
Giffard Crème de Peche & Acacia Honey Syrup

Elder Fashion (Phil Ward, 2007)
Plymouth Gin, St. Germain,
House Orange Bitters & Grapefruit Twist

WHERE: Polite Provisions
 | 4696 30th Ave 
San Diego, CA 92116 | 619.677.DRUG

About Polite Provisions: Polite Provisions brings a renewed spirit of community to a bustling street corner of one of San Diego’s most eclectic, burgeoning neighborhoods, Normal Heights. Helmed by internationally respected bartender, Erick Castro, Polite Provisions aims to revive and modernize the golden era of the neighborhood drugstore with spirited cocktails prepared with housemade bitters, soda pop, tinctures and syrups, as a nod to those ingredients’ medicinal uses. Polite Provisions is located at 4696 30th Ave, San Diego, CA 92116. For more information please call 619.677.DRUG or visit www.politeprovisions.com.

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Bird Rock Coffee Arrives In Little Italy

Bird Rock Coffee

Sourcing some of the best coffee available, award-winning Bird Rock Coffee Roasters opened its second coffee bar location in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood at 2295 Kettner Boulevard (open from 7am-noon daily throughout October until the grand opening is announced)

About Bird Rock Coffee

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters buys only seasonal coffee and roast five-days a week to ensure what you buy is always fresh.  They are so committed to freshness, that they stamp their coffee bags with the date the coffee was roasted, so you always know the freshness of your coffee.

Bird Rock Coffee

Once the green coffee arrives at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters’ roasting facility, it is up to the BRCR roasting team to bring out the complex flavors and aromas. Their goal is to best represent what the grower had in mind while tending to the coffee shrubs.  Because each sack of green coffee may respond differently in their 15 kilo Giesen Roaster, they are constantly evaluating the quality of their roasted coffee.

They  experiment with and explore each new arrival, searching for that bean’s optimal finish temperature and roast time. Simply, there is not a “one size fits all” solution to roasting coffee.  Instead, they roast and refine their coffee offerings utilizing a rigorous cupping and Q-grading methodology, thus ensuring each bean is roasted to its maximum potential.

*Courtesy information
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Gingerbread House Competition

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa Announces Call For Entries For 2014 Gingerbread House Competition with Cash Prizes of $1000 and a Sweet Donation to Carlsbad Boys & Girls Club

gingerbread house competition
Courtesy photo

Gingerbread Architects Challenged To Throw Their Icing Bags In The Ring With First Annual Competition

WHAT: 2014 Omni La Costa Gingerbread House Competition Call For Entries

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa will hold its first annual Gingerbread House Competition, challenging San Diego bakers and holiday enthusiasts to create their own signature Gingerbread Houses for a chance to win $1000 in cash and prizes, a $1000 donation to the Carlsbad Boys & Girls Club in their name and, most importantly, bragging rights!

Contestants can enter by submitting the official entry form found at http://www.lacosta.com/holidays/. All entries must be received by November 14th and completed gingerbread houses must be delivered to Omni La Costa Resort & Spa at appointed times on Dec. 1 and 2.

Gingerbread House Competition

Gingerbread houses will be on display in Omni La Costa’s lobby beginning Dec. 4 for the community to view. A panel of judges comprised of Omni La Costa’s culinary team, southern California’s top food writers and bloggers and Omni La Costa’s Managing Director Larry Magor, will determine the top entries; and the winners will be announced at the resort’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on December 5th.

WHEN: Entry application
October 10th, 2014 – November 14th, 2014

Gingerbread House submission drop-off & display installation
December. 1st – 2nd, 2014

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and Prize Presentation
December 5th, 2014

WHO: Adults ages 18 and older may enter.

WHERE: Omni La Costa Resort & Spa
2100 Costa Del Mar Road
Carlsbad, CA 92009

HOW: Download the entry form found at: http://www.lacosta.com/holidays/.

Entries will be judged in four areas: appearance, difficulty, precision and creativity. Final prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Grand Prize: $1000 cash to the winner and a $1000 cash donation will be made in their name to the Boys & Girls Club of Carlsbad
  • Creativity Award: An overnight stay for two in luxurious accommodations at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa
  • People’s Choice: Dinner for two at the acclaimed BlueFire Grill restaurant
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San Diego Beer and Music Festival

San Diego Beer and Music FestivalSan Diego Beer and Music Festival

October 25th, 4pm-8pm

A unique event celebrating craft beer and live music. The event is a collaborative effort of #rockstarbeer Productions, City Beat Magazine, FM 94/9, and many local breweries combining to raise many for the San Diego Music Foundation.

The event will showcase multiple local and regional breweries as well as local bands and DJ’s. The event is a walk around event held during the middle of the day at the newly developed San Diego Waterfront Park. The event will also feature a food truck pavillion and Private After Party.


Festival Attendees get access to the official after party at Hard Rock Hotel’s Float on the 4th floor rooftop. Hosted by Royal Teeth.

Coming events
Courtesy photo

 After Party starts at 8:30pm and goes until 12:00am.

 Special Set by Royal Teeth at 10:30pm.

 Hard Rock’s resident DJ and #rockstarbeer DJ’s spin all night.

 Special guests including local brewers.

 Beer and Cocktail Specials until midnight.

 Complimentary Access with your festival wristband.

 Hard Rock Hotel
Float on the 4th Floor
207 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(Between K and L Street)


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Savoie opens in Otay Ranch

(Courtesy photo)
(Courtesy photo)


Guided by the Contreras-Curiel family, Savoie is the stylish new flagship of the Karina’s Group of restaurants, which quietly has arrived at the top tier of San Diego’s home-grown hospitality firms. Located at 2015 Birch Road, Suite 720 in Otay Ranch Town Center, Savoie boasts over ten thousand square feet of dazzling indoor and outdoor space encompassing multiple inviting patios, lounges and dining rooms. The cultures of France and Italy come to life on a finely crafted menu that celebrates the best of both. With a range of options that include the simple and sublime, the menu offers delicious, imaginative and perfectly prepared pizzas and pastas, along with gourmet selections, steaks and seafood.

About the Karina’s Group
In 1981, Arnulfo Contreras Senior and his wife, Maria Inez Curiel, opened a small but ambitious restaurant in Spring Valley in the hope of providing a better life for their six children. Named for daughter Karina, the brand now numbers four very popular Mexican seafood restaurants. An insistence upon on-target authenticity guides these restaurants daily. The Karina’s Group recently has added three new, decidedly more upscale eateries. Conceived by brothers David and Arnulfo Contreras Curiel and their brother-in-law, Director of Operations/Partner Alejandro Navarrete, these exciting restaurants demonstrate talents for imagination and creativity unrivaled in San Diego. In Eastlake, Enamorada presents a selective menu of Mexican seafood specialties in an environment that creates an enchanting, dream-like vision of Old Mexico. In Otay Ranch Town Center, Savoie showcases inspired whimsy that entertains with endlessly engaging décor and a French-Italian menu that celebrates the excitement of both cuisines. And at a major Chula Vista crossroads, the about-to-open La Tequila earns its name by pouring a comprehensive collection of tequilas, supported by an authoritative menu of traditional Mexican fare.

*Courtesy information

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Seasonal Menu at Kettner Exchange

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Seasonal menu

Opened in September 2014, Kettner Exchange features progressive American cuisine from Executive Chef Brian Redzokiwsky and boasts Little Italy’s first roof top patio with views of the Pacific Ocean. Complete with its own parking lot, the two story, 10,000sq. ft. eatery houses a bar, lounge seating, a chef’s table for custom dinners and events, and a 250-seat dining area with communal tables. The seasonally changing menu is complemented by a specialty cocktail menu and a selection of 32 beers on tap. For more information, visit www.kettnerexchange.com.

Brian Redzikowski Head Chef

Brian Redzikowski has worked for some of the best restaurants and chefs in the country, including New York City’s acclaimed Le Cirque 2000, Aspen Colorado’s Nobu Matsuhisa Aspen, Joel Rubuchon at the Mansion in Las Vegas, and the 17 million dollar Yellowtail Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. During Chef Brian’s career, he has had the opportunity of competing in Iron Chef America as well as being awarded Rising Chef in the Los Angeles, California area.

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Steven Tuttle Bar Manager

Steven Tuttle offers a unique and forward-thinking cocktail program. Steven was trained under NYC greats Sam Ross (Milk & Honey / Attaboy) and Phil Ward (Death & Company / Mayahuel). In San Diego, Steven worked at Craft & Commerce during the time it was named one of the Top 50 Bars in the US by Food & Wine Magazine, as well as nominated at Tales of the Cocktail for best High Volume Bar. His work has been featured in multiple local publications, including Thrillist and Locale Magazine. He was featured bartender on the Food & Wine Classic Website. Steven assisted in staff training at Ironside Fish & Oyster and was most recently GM at El Dorado.

Kettner Exchange on Urbanspoon

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Handcrafted Pizza at Pirozzi

Pirozzi Orange County
Courtesy photo

Handcrafted Pizza at Pirozzi

Take a journey through Italy with Pirozzi’s newest culinary addition to his award winning collection of Orange County restaurants.

Pirozzi Corona Del Mar features a wood burning oven meticulously handcrafted by artisans in Naples, Italy and imported especially for chef Alessandro.

  • Extensive Wine List
  • Prosciutto & Mozzarella Bar
  • Baked Prime Beef
  • Handcrafted Pizza, Pasta and Gelato Made Daily

Award Winning Chef, Alessandro Pirozzi, opened his first restaurant in Orange County, California only six years ago. Through a mix of his charming personality and time-honored family recipes he created an authentic taste of Italy on Pacific Coast Highway.

Born in Naples, Italy, Pirozzi was the youngest of four children and the only boy. Growing up in a house full of girls was a constant challenge but fortunately for him, whenever the girls were teasing him, his grandmother, Nonna Ida, would rescue him and take him into the safety of her kitchen to help prepare dinner. The kitchen became his sanctuary. He fell in love with the different aromas, the flavors and learning the traditional techniques of preparing fresh homemade pasta.

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

It was here that he learned the many secret family recipes and began his journey to become a Certified Italian Chef. Nonna Ida taught him how to grow every vegetable and herb he needed for cooking in his own backyard. She also taught him the methods for preparing focaccia dough.

His family believed that fresh herbs were key to making the best possible foods. Alessandro maintained the herb garden and eventually began growing different types of tomatoes and squash, all of which would inevitably become part of his recipe for success in America.

Pirozzi’s passion for food and his quest to become certified became his way of life and prompted him to learn the cuisine from every region in Italy. He discovered regional secrets to impeccable pizza; mastered meat preparation, including the perfect veal saltimbocca and became versed in many different sauces.

*Courtesy information

Pirozzi on Urbanspoon

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Isola, more than a pizza bar

Sophisticated and modern, Isola Pizza Bar offers warm and friendly service to every guest whom walks in the door. Located in a tiny storefront in the heart of San Diego’s Little Italy, the menu is a surprise that will leave you craving more for your next visit. Read more in the ‘San Diego Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes From America’s Finest City’, now available for pre-order.

(Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)
(Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)
Bruschetta with Fresh Figs and Pistachios (Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)
Bruschetta with Fresh Figs and Pistachios (Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)
Fegatini de Polo Alla Toscana: Organic Chicken Liver, Capers, Crispy Pancetta and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)
Fegatini de Polo Alla Toscana: Organic Chicken Liver, Capers, Crispy Pancetta and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)
Caramel and Chocolate Budino (Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)
Caramel and Chocolate Budino (Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)

(619) 255-4230

Isola Pizza Bar on Urbanspoon

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Pink Tacos For Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer
Courtesy photo

This October, downtown San Diego’s newest Mexican eatery, Don Chido, is celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by turning all of their signature tacos PINK. Enjoy carne asada, pollo, rajas polbano, wood fired baja fish and more signature tacos all in a handmade pink corn tortilla and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

ABOUT DON CHIDO: Chef Antonio Friscia and RMD Group Bring Baja-Inspired Mexican to Downtown San Diego

From RMD Group, the development and management team behind recognized venues including FLUXX and Side Bar, along with Ken Lovi, founder and CEO of Knotty Barrel Gastropub, and Chef-Partner Antonio Friscia (of Stingaree and formerly Gaijin Noodle House), Don Chido officially opened to the public on June 30th. An authentic, stylish, Mexican eatery taking over the former Fred’s Mexican location in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, Don Chido will surely elevate the social dining scene in downtown San Diego.

“The launch of Don Chido will mark RMD’s formal expansion into the culinary scene,” said Michael Georgopoulos, RMD Group partner. “RMD’s trademark eye-catching designs, excellent service and experience in the entertainment industry, combined with Ken’s strong commitment to delivering excellent food, will create a unique and incomparable dining experience in San Diego.”

The Don Chido menu will showcase regionally influenced, handcrafted Mexican cooking that will feature locally sourced and quality fresh ingredients. Behind the scenes, the centerpiece of the kitchen will be an authentic Santa Maria Argentine Grill—designed to cook mouth-watering, wood-fired meats with precise temperature control to achieve uniformly cooked ingredients. Friscia and company also had a special Caja China-stye oven implemented and designed especially for them to produce tender,  slow cooked meats.

Further complementing the locally inspired dishes, Don Chido will feature a wine list tailored to showcase a rustic selection of local wines and unique varietals from Mexico and Spain. Cocktails will focus on showcasing a wide and progressive variety of infused tequilas, and regional mescals.

“Don Chido will combine classic, home-style Mexican cuisine with a stylishly diverse and electric atmosphere, to deliver a distinctive lunch, dinner and late-night dining experience,” said Don Chido partner and leading hospitality entrepreneur, Ken Lovi. “We’re excited to bring this authentic experience to the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter and have no doubt that Don Chido will quickly become a must-visit spot for locals and visitors alike.”

The Don Chido space represents a complete transformation of the previous Fred’s Mexican Café. Designed by the visionary and nationally acclaimed interior design team at Davis Ink Ltd., the 4,000 square-feet space features found organic and raw materials including reclaimed wood, exposed steel and stone, combined with eye-catching features such as custom maraca wall sconces, star chandeliers and an art wall made entirely from Mexican blankets—creating a comfortable, casual and yet entirely unexpected experience for guests. The center bar will also showcase a Taquería stand where house-made tortillas will be freshly prepared. The Taquería will remain open for late-night tacos with the lounge serving a limited menu. OCIO Design Group was also hired on as the architect alongside RMD Development—RMD Group’s construction division.

Don Chido will serve lunch and dinner daily from 11am to close in the restaurant and patio, and a late-night menu in the lounge. Reservations are currently available for opening night. Don Chido is located at 527 5th Avenue. Connect with Don Chido on Facebook at facebook.com/donchidosd, and follow Don Chido on Twiter @DonChidoSD and Instagram @DonChidoSD.


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La Valencia Hotel Last Supper

La Valencia Hotel Hosts Eight-Course Dinner Including Wine Pairings from their Signature Wine Vault

La Valencia Hotel

La Valencia Hotel bids farewell to their classic fine-dining restaurant the Sky Room and the “Pink Lady” makes plans to introduce a new generation of luxury, the Sky Room Suites. To celebrate the decades of opulent, top-floor dining and welcome the space’s conversion into two luxurious sky-high Penthouse Suites – which begins November 1 – La Valencia will host a “Last Supper Dinner Series” October 22-25. The four-night series features an eight-course menu by Executive Chef James Montejano, complete with wine pairings, for $125 per person. Menu highlights include Caviar Parfait, Pumpkin Lobster Soup and Filet Mignon.

Advanced reservations are required and nightly seating is limited to twenty-four guests. A champagne toast begins at 6:30 pm and the eight-course dinner service starts at 7:00 pm. Each guest will receive a keepsake of a dinner menu designed with images reflecting the history of the room and a sneak peek at the designs planned for the new Penthouse Suites.

La Valencia HotelIn early 2015 the new suites will unveil a sleek, 1940’s Hollywood décor and period finishes throughout the rooms which will be complimented by retracting window walls that will allow the fresh ocean breezes to fill this pinnacle of hotel space. Add 2015 technology and inspired personalized service and the Sky Room Suites will offer a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience. Reserve both of the 10th floor suites and indulge family and friends with a true “Penthouse on the Pacific.”

Never changing are the Sky Room’s 180 degree views of the Pacific and the coastline of La Jolla, which La Valencia Hotel has commanded for nine decades. Now you can dream where you once dined.

La Valencia Hotel

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Halloween Party at Karina’s

Have a Halloween Party and Savor the Tastes of 3 Premier Restaurants While Reveling in All that Goes Bump in the Night

Halloween Party

From October 30th to November 1st, there will be no better place for San Diegans to pay homage to the demons of the night and rejoice in decadent fare and drink than at three popular Karina’s Group dining establishments in South County.

Halloween Party festivities kick off Thursday, October 30th, at La Tequila in Chula Vista. The chic, new tequileria will transform itself into a festive haven for all souls looking to party with the denizens of the night. Guests are encouraged to come dressed in their most unique Halloween costumes and party with the famous Karina’s Calendar Girls, who will be on hand as the night’s hostesses. Food and spirits will be plentiful, such as the party’s special $5 Tequila Trick cocktail, while a DJ gets and keeps the crowd going. A costume contest with a $250 gift certificate grand prize rounds out the festivities. Admission to this pre-Halloween bash is free. Guests are invited to come early for dinner and stay for the party held from 9:00pm to 1:30am. (89 Bonita Rd, Chula Vista, CA / 619-651-1000)

On Friday October 31st it’s the ultimate supernatural affair as Karina’s Group hosts a devilishly fun Halloween Party Masquerade Ball at Savoie French-Italian Eatery in Chula Vista. The event kicks off at 9:00pm with live DJs spinning seductive beats and guests celebrating in the hottest costumes and mysterious masques. Delectable selections of sinfully tasteful noshes and spirits, including $7 Ghoulish Gimlets, will be on hand as the cavalcade of costumed goblins and sprites compete for a $250 gift certificate to Savoie. The famous Karina’s Calendar Girls will serve as chaperones for the stylish affair, adding even more glamour to the party. Enjoy a free night of dancing, mingling, and cavorting until 1:30am on the most frightfully fun night of the year. (3015 Birch Road in Otay Ranch Town Center / 619-591-5757)

Halloween Party
Courtesy photo

The merriment doesn’t end when the sun rises and the goblins retreat to the shadows. On Saturday, November 1st, continue the soiree at Enamorada as they host their enchanting Dia De Los Muertos Party. This full-costume event mixes the heritage of Mexico’s famous afterlife-inspired celebration with the playfulness of Halloween as guests dance to live DJs and feast on savory food and drink specials. Like the other Karina’s Group parties, the most impressive costume at this post Halloween Party Eve event will win a $250 gift certificate to the restaurant. Admission to this party is free. (866 Eastlake Pkwy, Suite #110, Chula Vista / 619-591-9800)

“This is a marvelous weekend to celebrate food, fun and friends while letting our playful sides rule the night,” says David Contreras Curiel of Karina’s Group. “At all of our establishments, our wonderful selection of unique flavors, tasty treats and top entertainment will ensure everyone gets in the Halloween spirit. We look forward to reveling in the festivities with all of our San Diego patrons.”

Halloween Party
Courtesy photo

Table reservations are encouraged, and can be made by calling any of the Karina’s Groups dining establishments listed above, or by visiting karinasgroup.com.

About Karina’s Group
In 1981, Arnulfo Contreras and his wife, Maria Ines Curiel, opened a small but ambitious restaurant in Spring Valley in the hope of providing a better life for their six children. Named for daughter Karina, this location closed when the family chose to expand the brand into a San Diego County-spanning group that now numbers four very popular Mexican seafood restaurants. An insistence upon on-target authenticity guides these restaurants daily, with a clientele willing to wait in line to enjoy the all-encompassing menus of seafood classics. Renowned for an enormous variety of ceviches, Karina’s Mexican Seafood offers dozens of coastal and regional dishes, especially from Sinaloa, birthplace of Arnulfo Contreras. In addition to their Karina’s Mexican Seafood restaurants, The Karina’s Group now includes Enamorada, Savoie French-Italian Eatery, and La Tequila Mexican Cocina. For further information about Karina’s Group, please visit KarinasGroup.com.

*Courtesy information
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San Diego Italian Book

New San Diego Italian Book Explores Little Italy!

San Diego Italian Food: A Culinary History of Little Italy and Beyond (American Palate) Paperback

San Diego Italian BookAs ethnic neighborhoods in other cities assimilate to American life, the exuberant local flavor of San Diego’s Little Italy remains both culturally and culinarily distinct. Tucked between Interstate 5 and San Diego Bay southeast of San Diego International Airport, the blocks surrounding the landmark Our Lady of the Rosary Roman Catholic Church contain many of the most notable eateries and gourmet cafés in “America’s Finest City.” In her new Italian book, Join Maria Desiderata Montana, a daughter of that Italian heritage and one of the city’s most notable food writers, on this savory tour through the zesty Italian food traditions, businesses and recipes both in Little Italy and across San Diego.

Maria Desiderata Montana is a nationally published and award-winning author, freelance food and wine journalist and editor and photographer who learned how to cook and appreciate European cuisine from her parents who were born and raised in southern Italy. In her new San Diego Italian book, learn how to easily make 25 recipes from her Italian kitchen including ravioli, cannoli, tiramisu and biscotti. In addition, each dish has a matching full-color photo.

Maria is the author of Food Lovers’ Guide to San Diego (Globe Pequot Press), San Diego Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes From America’s Finest City (2014 San Diego Book Award winner for Best Published Lifestyle Book Cooking & Home, Lyons Press), San Diego Italian Food: A Culinary History of Little Italy and Beyond (History Press), Market Restaurant + Bar Cookbook (Lyons Press) and The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Cookbook. She is extensively published in several newspapers and magazines, where she writes a variety of food and entertainment stories as well as her own monthly recipe series. Maria guest appears on local radio and TV to share her knowledge of food and cooking, and regularly assists celebrity and high profile chefs with cookbook projects.

Buon Appetito!



  • Italian Book
  • Series: American Palate
  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Publisher: The History Press (October 7, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • Over 75 images
  • Published : October 2014



7812 Girard Ave, San Diego, CA 92037
(858) 454-0347
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Killer Brownies® Are Here

Killer Brownies® are now available exclusively at the Cardiff Seaside Market. Available in three mouthwatering flavors, each weighing 1/3 lb., sweet tooth’s throughout the San Diego area and beyond are finally being satiated. “We are pleased to deliver Killer Brownies® to our customers, as these decadent desserts have a loyal fan base, especially throughout the Midwest, said John Najjar, Owner and President of Seaside Market. “ Similarly, as a family owned business, it is our absolute pleasure to bring these tasty treats to residents of San Diego and Southern California for many years to come.”

Killer Brownies

These delectable brownies were created thirty years ago and are guarded by a secret family recipe, and have received awards far and wide from foodies, bloggers, and industry professionals. Originally created in Dayton, Ohio and distributed by Dorothy Lane Markets, a high-end grocer in Dayton, brownies are being made available to Cardiff Seaside Market through an exclusive licensing agreement.

On August 15th, 2014, Seaside Market launched the arrival of Killer Brownies with an in-store demonstration. Chimene Mayne Ross, Founder of Killer Brownies, flew in from Dayton, Ohio to serve samples to Seaside customers herself. Within a few hours, all three varieties were sold out and Seaside patrons left with smiles from ear to ear. It is safe to say that these brownies are a crowd-pleaser and new cause of addiction.

Killer Brownie
Courtesy photo

“As a family owned business ourselves, we are pleased to work with Seaside Market on bringing Killer Brownies® to San Diego, the only store in Southern California to sell our desserts, said Chimene Ross-Mayne, Killer Brownie’s Chief Customer Officer,” I am positive that chocolate and brownie lovers alike will be more than satisfied with this new product offering.”

Killer Brownies® are available in three introductory varieties, with more to follow based on customer requests.

  • The Original Killer Brownie®: Multiple layers of chocolate brownie; rich, gooey caramel and chopped pecans.
  • The Brookie Killer Brownie®: The Brookie combines the decadent recipe of the Not-A-Nutter Killer Brownie® (the                  original with added chocolate chips) with the classic homemade taste of chocolate chip cookies.
  • Salted Caramel Killer Brownie®: The original with a generous sprinkle of coarse sea salt into rich, buttery caramel. The          perfect blend of sweet and salty.
  • About Seaside Market: Since 1985, Cardiff Seaside Market has been a leader in offering superior products and spectacular service. Family-owned and operated, Seaside Market has been able to maintain a unique commitment to customers and community by always offering “the next level of excellence”. From the quality of food to the friendly service, Seaside is sure to win you over.
Cardiff Seaside Market
2087 San Elijo Ave.
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007
Phone: (760) 753-5445
*Courtesy information
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The Melting Pot Fondue

Melting Pot Fondue
Courtesy photo

Fondue (pronounced fawn-DOO) comes from fondre, the French word for “melt,” and refers to cooking food in a pot at the table. The decadent dish that we know as Fondue was actually invented out of necessity in the 18th century. Swiss villagers, separated from large towns by the long, freezing winters, were rarely able to enjoy fresh food. Instead, most of the villagers relied on foods like bread and cheese, which were made in the summer and had to last through the fall and winter months.

With so many options out there, picking the right vessel for a steaming fondue is similar to picking the right romantic match. There’s one out there for you! No matter which one you choose, it will probably include a pot, fondue forks and some sort of heat source, either fuel or electricity based.

These more functional pots use denatured alcohol, sterno cans, or some other type of liquid fuel. The best ones are made from ceramic material as they allow for better heat distribution. Handy because they can be moved to various locations (fondue under the stars anyone?), one down side of the electric pot is the flame can sometimes fizzle and go out, not ideal for a romantic night with your honey!

Melting Pot Fondue
Courtesy photo

The electric based option is usually made from metal and have a nonstick surface that comes in handy for cleaning—let’s face it, dishes can damper the mood! Temperature control is a cinch with the electric pot and they are best used with hot oil and meat fondue.

Melt It: 99% of the secret to a perfectly melting fondue is the right mix of cheeses, a good liquid base and a touch of flour to bring the mixture together. Whether you’re craving something spicy with jalapenos or something traditional like Swiss fondue, the right variation can make or break it. Using a good Gruyére is always a hit, a Melting Pot Fondue staple, but no matter what cheese you use, different ages give the fondue various flavors and textures. To add another touch of romance to your meal, flirt with a white wine or beer base!

About The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc.
With more than 140 restaurants in North America, existing locations in 36 states, Canada and Mexico and more than 15 locations currently in development, The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. is the premier fondue restaurant franchise. Founded in 1975, The Melting Pot Fondue continues to be a memorable dining experience where patrons can dip into something different. Guests enjoy a choice of fondue cooking styles and a variety of unique entrées combined with dipping sauces. The menu also includes cheese fondues, salads, fine wines and chocolate fondue desserts. The Melting Pot is an affiliate of Front Burner Brands, a restaurant management company headquartered in Tampa, Fla. For more information, visit www.meltingpot.com.

*Courtesy information

Melting Pot on Urbanspoon

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Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Welk Resorts Breast Cancer fundraiser “Kick for the Cure”


WHAT: Welk Resorts San Diego is hosting an exclusive Foot Golf event, with 100%* of proceeds benefiting Rally for the Cure. Foot Golf is a new hybrid sport that mixes soccer and golf, available at the first and only Foot Golf course in San Diego – the Oaks Course at Welk Resorts.

Rally for the Cure is a grass roots program that works to educate women about breast cancer and remind them to get their annual screening through volunteer organized golf, tennis and social events. Since 1996 Susan G. Komen has received over $75 million from fundraising activities at Rally events to help fund life-saving breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment programs.

VISUALS: Pink soccer balls will bring color and fun to the Oaks Course, featuring fairways lined with superb greenery and beautiful 100 year-old oak trees. The day will include team costume contests, an inflatable jump house, activities for kids and delicious BBQ burgers and dogs.

COST: $29 per person & includes:

$20 donation to Rally for the Cure
18 holes of Foot Golf
Rally goody bags
*100% of the proceeds, above and beyond the Rally fees, will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

WHEN: Saturday, October 18, 2014
Three start times: 8am | 12pm | 4pm

WHERE: Welk Resort San Diego – Oaks Par 3 Course
8860 Lawrence Welk Dr
Escondido, CA 92026

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Los Angeles The Food Event

The Food Event Los AngelesThe Food Event 2014 is Los Angeles magazine’s ninth annual culinary extravaganza. The day features great chefs, culinary experts, sommeliers, plus unlimited food, wine, and spirits—all in one place, for one price.

Watch celebrity chefs in the demonstration kitchen and epicurean experts participate in panels in the Conversation Lounge. Restaurants are hand selected by our James Beard award-winning dine editor. The incredible rural setting, Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu, home to Semler and Saddlerock wines, sets this culinary event above others. The ranch boasts acres and acres of natural beauty, vineyards, rolling hills, animals like llamas and zebras, and space to spread out and relax for a true escape from the city, but with just a short drive.

Sunday, October 19th

Must be 21 years or older to attend
Infants, children and pets will not be admitted

Host Partner:
Saddlerock Ranch Malibu
Home to Malibu Family Wines
Producers of Saddlerock and Semler wines


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Hiatus Lounge’s upcoming Whiskey Fest

Hiatus LoungeHiatus Lounge’s upcoming Whiskey Fest is sure to warm you up to fall. Taking place on Saturday, November 1st from 4-7pm, the poolside lounge will be stocked with premium and small batch brands of the brown spirit, as well as a grill menu from Chef Lockhart. In addition to the tastes, guests can enjoy classic whiskey cocktails from the bar, as well as off of Hiatus’ cocktail menu!

Tickets are $10, which will get attendees a passport to taste over a dozen whiskey brands. A completed passport will enter guests into the Whiskey Fest drawing, where prizes include unique bottles of booze, swag and more!

Purchase tickets here: WhiskeyFest.bpt.me

Hiatus Lounge is located at Hotel La Jolla at 7955 La Jolla Shores Drive. For more information, visit CuspRestaurant.com or call 858-551-3620.

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Herringbone by Executive Chef Brian Malarkey partners with local breweries

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Located in the famed coastal community of La Jolla, Herringbone by Executive Chef Brian Malarkey will be partnering with local breweries and live acoustic bands to host a monthly Ales and Acoustics event on the last Saturday of every month.

This October 25th from 2-6 p.m., enjoy four different brews on tap from Rip Current Brewing while listening to the sounds of local artists, Paul Cannon Duo and Kirs Bradley Duo. In addition to offering various brews on tap, guests can also indulge in Herringbone’s olive wood fired flatbreads, perfect for sharing, including the Seafood with calamari, bay scallops, shrimp, artichokes, tomato, chillies, parmesan or the Fennel Sausage with tomato, caslevetrano olives, pesto and hand stretched mozzarella. A beer flight featuring all Rip Current brews will also be available for guests to taste all at once.

November’s Ales & Acoustics will feature Green Flash Brewery on Saturday, November 29 from 2-6 p.m.

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24th Annual Temecula Valley Wine Country Harvest Celebration

Temecula Valley Harvest Celebration

November 1 and 2, 2014

This two day event gives ticketed guests the opportunity to visit over 30 Member wineries for a fun-filled food and wine adventure! Delicious foods and wine samplings are offered at each stop as well as barrel and/or tank samples of finished and unfinished wines often not available to the general public.

Visit your old favorites or discover the undiscovered!  Get busy planning your self-guided two-day tour of Temecula Valley Wine Country!

Temecula Valley Wine Country

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Jsix Lands New Head Bartender

New Jsix head bartender Chris Burkett

The highly original and laid-back barkeep, Chris Burkett, joins the team at Jsix as head bartender. Burkett, who comes from Cusp Dining & Drinks and replaces former bar lead Nate Howell, will create the seasonal cocktail menus at Jsix starting with his palate pleasing fall menu. Sharing Jsix’s belief that quality drinks and service is the recipe for the best bars, Burkett’s fall menu includes originals that highlight mulled wines, tea syrups and seasonal spices.

Courtesy photo

The drinks are warm in color and visibly layered. For example, Burkett’s Sealed Nectar features Dickel Rye, lemon, honey, egg white, star anise and mulled wine. The colorful Without Reproach will be a bar favorite, blending Maker’s Mark, mint, blackberries, lemon and black cardamom syrup. One of the most exciting drinks on the menu is Burkett’s Sycophant’s Desire, with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Jsix’s Woodford blend, fig-cinnamon syrup, Jerry Thomas bitters and a stout beer float. Burkett is now serving the new cocktail menu behind the bar at Jsix.

About Chris Burkett: As head bartender at Jsix, California native Chris Burkett brings his classic approach and timeless techniques to the balanced, ingredient-focused cocktails on Jsix’s menu. Studying classic cocktails in Chicago under the tutelage of Peter Vestinos, Chris began to fall in love with spirits and cocktail creation. After a year of gaining knowledge on spirits, balance, methods and a fit for his own personal style, Chris returned to California to take on beverage programs at notable bars, including the recent Cusp Dining & Drinks and now Jsix. Chris wants guests to feel comfortable, appreciated, and engaged in what they are drinking without pretense. Understanding cocktails can be new to some guests, so Chris blends ingredients that might not be common knowledge, and presents them in an enjoyable, yet accessible cocktails.

For the full bar menu, including the library of American made spirits and classic cocktails, visit JsixRestaurant.com.

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